Last day of school before Christmas break!

Turkey/bacon wrap, chocolate almonds, apple, snap peas, cheese

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2 Responses to Christmas…

  1. Shannon says:

    Hi! I am really enjoying looking at your cute lunches! I use a Laptop Lunchbox for my daughters’ lunches every day. I was wondering if you used something to tack down the snap peas for the tree? If I sent that to school like that it would fall out of place. Thought maybe you used some cream cheese to tack it down? Or maybe he didn’t need to carry it any where?

    • Jamie says:

      Great question! Getting things to stay in place has been a long process of trial and error. I’ve found creamy peanut butter works really well for holding things in place. Not all of my lunches survive the trip to the school lunch room, but the more practice I have the easier it gets. Sometimes I’ll use toothpicks to hold things together or I’ll put a thick cloth napkin on top of a lunch to help keep it together. I do pack each bento box in an insulated bag with ice packs which really helps stabilize the lunch. I then pack the lunch bag flat in my son’s backpack and when he gets to school he lays it flat on his bench.

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