Bagel Bites…

Today was another one of those busy mornings!  Combine that with the fact that we were in Nebraska over the weekend celebrating my grandparent’s 70th wedding anniversary so our grocery supplies are limited at the moment.  Luckily, we had a few of my son’s favorite staple foods available so I was able to piece together a quick and easy lunch for him.

On another note…I saw a preview of the new season of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution last night!  The show is scheduled to air on April 12th on ABC.  If you have any concerns over what the public schools in America are feeding our children, this is definitely a show you’ll want to watch!

Today’s lunch includes:  whole wheat bagel bites (half with peanut butter, half with strawberry cream cheese), oranges & kiwi, celery & p.b., spice cake mini muffin with cream cheese frosting, almonds, cheese.  (If nut allergies are a concern you might consider using sunbutter in place of the p.b. OR cream cheese & bananas on the bagel bites.)

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  1. Tammy A says:

    My daughter’s school will not allow any form of nuts or peanut butter in her schools. I also has to watch what I put in her lunchbox because she can’t have MSG’s or Sodium Nitraits because of migraine headaches… Any suggestions…. I already put fruits and a lot of leftovers in her lunchbox but that gets boring to her after a while.. Just need new ideas… 170 days of school is hard to keep a good/interesting lunchbox for her to have.
    Thanks! Tammy A.

    • Jamie says:

      If your school is nut free you might try Sunbutter as it is made with sunflower seeds and contains no peanuts or nuts. In place of the small cup of almonds/cashews you might consider cutting up a Jay Robb protein bar into bite sized pieces. The nitrate-free lunch meat is getting easier to find at standard grocery stores, but I still purchase mine from my local butcher. I hope that helps!

  2. Tammy A says:

    thanks….. but the nitrait free lunch meats in my area is non-existant…. We have found it in other towns but not our own… Where do you find the sunbutter?

  3. angel says:

    I certainly hope more people watch J. Oliver this time around. It almost seems like we have become so lazy as a society and trusting that just because they SHOULD that our schools are feeding our kids right. I get so frustrated…maybe you could post your thoughts sometime on this subject. ;-)

  4. Hey, I just now wished to write that page just isn’t working correctly with firefox

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