One of the best parts about starting this blog is that I seem to be connecting with like-minded parents on-line…oh, the beauty of cyber world.  Last week I stumbled across The Happy Family Movement blog and fell in love as soon as I read their manifesto (especially the last line “We believe happiness is not something you find.  It’s something you make.”) . I immediately subscribed to their blog, friended them on FB and signed up to follow them on Twitter.  I know…borderline blog stalking, but when I like something I tend to like it a lot.  The folks behind the Happy Family Movement sent a tweet showing off a new shark cookie cutter they bought on a family outing to the local aquarium saying they were inspired by This Lunch Rox.  So fun!  I thought it was worthy of a shark inspired lunch.  Of all the cookie cutters in my collection there isn’t one shark so I had to improvise with my trusty little paring knife.

Today’s lunch includes:  turkey/cheese shark sandwich with blueberry eyes and provolone cheese teeth, locally made summer sausage, peanut butter/celery (substitute sunbutter if peanut allergies are an issue), blueberries & grapes, homemade mini donuts

I’ve had a lot of questions about how I package the lunch to keep it together so I’m showing some “after” photos below.  Broken toothpicks are the only solution I’ve come up with for holding sandwiches together.  I’m on the hunt for something a little more refined, but for now this will have to work.

Then I pack two ice packs in the bottom of the lunch bag.


Then I snap the lid on top of the lunch box and tuck it into the lunch bag.  As you can see, the lid sits very close to the top of the lunch which keeps the items from moving around too much.  I also pack the box flat in the top of my son’s backpack.  As soon as he gets to school the box goes on a shelf above his coat.

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10 Responses to Chomp…

  1. Sarah says:

    I read you use nitrate free deli meat. Curious if you also use organic cheeses?

  2. Helen says:

    I adore these lunches! Although I’d hate to be the kid sitting next to them, because he probably has a brown lunch bag and a regular sandwich. :) Your kids are so lucky!

  3. Cyndi says:

    Maybe you don’t read your comments…I was just wondering if you’d mind sharing where you got the letter cookie cutters you use to cut the letter shapes?

    • Jamie says:

      Hi Cyndi-
      I listed my favorite cookie cutter on-line stores in the “My Favorite Things” categories. I buy a lot of my cookie cutters at kitchen supply stores, Williams-Sanoma, Michael’s, etc… I hope that helps!

  4. Jenny Solar says:

    OMG Jamie! You crack me up ;) I just got a chance to read this post and it’s funny but I made the girls an ‘under the sea’ lunch today with the shark cookie cutter. It’s not nearly as snazzy as yours, but you know, it’s a start ;). Will have a post up on the blog soon. Thanks for the shout out! We were equally thrilled to find your blog!!

  5. Maggie says:

    Hi! We love love love your site! I manage a kitchen and home store with a kids section called Bekah Kate’s and last year we did a cooking class on healthy school lunches for kids. I wish we would have seen your site before so we could have reccommended it to our students! Have you ever heard of a company called Ann Clark? They make tons of really fun cookie cutters in larger sizes that I think you would be able to use for your creative lunches. You should check them out!

  6. Laura says:

    I love these Lock & Lock containers. We have a number of them but none that fill the lunch bag like that. I will have to keep my eye out. LOVE the cheese teeth. Every lunch is so wonderful. I think it is awesome how this food is waaaay more exciting than anything you’d find packaged up and full of sodium in a centre grocery aisle. You inspire me! :)

  7. Cat says:

    What kind of insulated lunch box are you using?

  8. Alison Stumpf says:

    Many of the lunch boxes that are linked on your FAQ are no longer available or out of stock. Can you recommend any different ones, or different places to get them from?
    Thank you!

    • Jamie says:

      Hi Allison-
      Is there anything in particular you’re looking for on the list? I’d be happy to point you in another direction. I was only able to find two things on the list that were out of stock.

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