Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

A little St. Patty’s Day inspired lunch to celebrate this fun and festive day.  The boys and I saw the end of a rainbow on a trip last summer.  As luck would have it, the end of the rainbow was in a field of gold so bright you wouldn’t believe it!  Ever since then they will occasionally bring that up and contemplate theories about what happened to the pot o’ gold…did it explode, spill, crumble?!  Who knows what happened to the pot o’ gold that day?!  So for this St. Patty’s Day lunch I knew I had to incorporate said pot somehow!

Today’s lunch includes:  A ham, cheese & cucumber sandwich, shamrock buttered pasta, Pot O’ Gold filled with nuts and chocolates, carrots & fruit

To make the pot o’ gold I cut the top off of a dipped ice cream cone and “glued” it to a Back-to-Nature mint cookie using peanut butter.  Then I filled the pot with peanuts and place two chocolate pieces on top.

And just for fun…here’s a photo of the end of the rainbow we saw last summer.  (Please excuse the photograph quality…it was taken with my phone!)

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4 Responses to Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. kalpa says:

    Wow waht a magnificent picture!

  2. Gillian says:

    What a special day to find gold at the end of the rainbow :) And what ana awesome lucky irish lunch :)

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  4. Charlotte from AZ says:

    This lunch is as cute as can be!
    And what a treat to receive it!
    Thanks for sharing!

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