Read Across America…

Speaking of reading, today is Dr. Suess Read Across America Day!  Our school celebrates Dr. Seuss’ birthday by spending much of the day doing various reading activities.  The kids get to bring in pillows, blankets, and their favorite books to share…such a fun day!  In honor of this special reading day, I decided to make some Dr. Suess inspired meals.  We kicked off the day with the ever popular Green Eggs and Ham:

Today’s lunch includes:  green “eggs” (made with white cheese and edamame beans for the yolk) & ham, ham & cheese Cat in the Hat sandwich, chocolate covered almonds, strawberries & broccoli

For those of you with younger kids who want to participate, here is a site where you can print a certificate of participation and a few other fun activities.  Happy Reading Day, everyone!

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2 Responses to Read Across America…

  1. E says:

    Where do you get all these rubber/plastic looking holders that you put a lot irvine lunch side items in. Some look like cupcake “tins” but others do not. What are these and where can I get some please? I am so happy to have found your website. Just reading your about page and your old convenience foods made me think twice. I need to make some more changes. Any advice to someone who wants to start the lifestyle change that you just started over the past year? I’m sorry I posted all of this on a comment. I didn’t see where to contact you. Thanks!

    • Jamie says:

      Erin- The little cupcake holders are silicone baking cups that I’ve collected from various stores (World Market, Amazon, etc…). They come in very handy and serve many purposes. What started me on my healthy eating journey was a book called “Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism” by Maria Emmerich. The way she described how food effects our bodies really hit home for me. I learned the importance of eating quality food packed with vitamins and nutrients vs. “fake” food often made of chemicals and fillers. It was certainly an eye-opening process but well worth the effort. You can read a more detailed account of my story here. I hope that helps!

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