April Fool’s Day…

Oh, how my kids love April Fool’s Day!  The jokes start first thing in the morning and they carry through right up until bed time.   My boys have been known to play some pretty silly tricks on me (with help from their Daddy) so I thought it would be fun to have a little fun with them in return.  I found this moldy lunch bag on-line and I thought it might just be enough to gross my son out.  I hollowed out an orange and filled it with grapes and strawberries and made a pancake stacked “cupcake” with strawberry cream cheese frosting.

Here’s a peek at my son’s April Fool’s Day lunch:

We had pancakes for breakfast this morning so I made some mini pancakes while I was at it and cut them out using a various sized cookie cutter shapes to build this pancake “cupcake”.  I used strawberry flavored cream cheese as the frosting.

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4 Responses to April Fool’s Day…

  1. You will have to do a follow up for us on how he liked his lunch today!! So funny!

  2. Renee says:

    This is too stinkin cute! You could seriously write a book with these ideas & lovely photos! (PS – I had no idea I could comment on your blog until now! There is no comment area when someone is actually on the single post, which is usually how I enter your blog!)

  3. Stefanie says:

    So cute! Love it!

  4. Jennifer Sesti says:

    Just had a peek at your website and I am in love! I am a fitness director and I am very aware of how processed America eats even when they think they are trying to be healthy. My three year old son eats Red Peppers (whole) for a snack and thinks that baby carrots are a real treat…as he should! I always feel like I’m the only parent in his school that actually cares about their child’s nutritional well-being as most kids eat Pop-tarts and Cinnabons for breakfast. Most of these parents are on their way to being obese and I really do believe that they just don’t know or want to understand proper nutrition because it is hard to keep it clean. With that being said, we owe it to our children to make them understand healthy, organic, clean eating and the power of healthy nurtition. I am teaching healthy eating seminars at my son’s school this year for the parents and administors to try and help them understand the possiblities of eating well and how they can take small steps to keeping it clean.
    I applaud your dedication to healthy lunches and know that we can all make a difference one lunch at a time.

    To your Health-Jen S.

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