One question I get asked often is how I get my kids to eat the different foods I use in their lunch boxes.  I’ll admit that when we first transitioned to a healthier lifestyle it was a bit of a challenge.  My kids were so accustomed to packaged, processed, high fructose corn syrup filled foods so introducing them to a variety of fruits and vegetables was a process to say the very least.  A friend recommended the book “Eat This, Not That for Kids” which outlines a variety of superpowers kids gain by eating various colors of fruits and vegetables.  As a mama of two boys this certainly grabbed my attention so when the book arrived I immediately color copied the pages, laminated them and put them up on our refrigerator.  Each night at dinner we spent time going over all the superpower foods we were eating.  Over time the kids kept asking for more and more superpowers…on any given night I was serving three or four different fruits and vegetables taking full advantage of their willingness to try these foods!   Here are a few photos from the “Eat This, Not That for Kids” book:

It’s been a little over a year since I first introduced the “superpower” concept to the kids and they are still excited about eating different colored fruits and veggies on a daily basis.  My 8 year old son is a bit more adventurous and tends to eat a bigger variety of vegetables than my 5 year old, but we just keep presenting him with different vegggies on a regular basis.  Right now he is eating FAR more vegetables than he did before we started this process so at least there is progress and that’s good enough for us.  Every morning my youngest son comes downstairs and asks me to tie on his superhero cape (a.k.a. his blankie).  When he sits down to eat his meals I can just see the wonder in his eyes as he digs into the different colored foods…I love it!

Today’s superpower lunch includes:  ham and cheese sandwich, snap peas, peppers, blueberries, strawberries, trail mix (protein bar, almonds (you can leave these out if nut allergies are an issue) cheerios, sugar-free chocolate chips)

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10 Responses to Superpowers…

  1. Renee says:

    How do you keep the lunches tidy like that until they see them at lunch time? I’ve seen the way kids throw around their lunchboxes!! Ha ha.

    • Jamie says:

      I typically pack my son’s lunch in an insulated bag with two ice packs which tends to keep the box fairly tight in the case. I also pack his lunch flat on top of his backpack to help keep things together. Some lunch boxes do a much better job of keeping things in place than others so it’s a bit of trial and error. Another hint…after I snap a picture of the lunch I almost alway stick the sandwiches together with toothpicks to hold those pieces together. I hope that helps!

  2. Natalie says:

    I love your blog! I have tried several of your things, and look forward to your new things! My goal is to not only add the creative part, but then get them to eat it :) so challenging! I do want to ask where you get the cute cups, containers, and especially the muffin cups??? This week I am going to re-try your pirate pizza. My 3 boys really enjoyed it :) Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and knowledge!

  3. Jessica says:

    I just found your blog and I’m loving it! I think I’ve read almost all the posts already! I love how creative you are with your sons’ lunches and how healthy they are for them.

  4. Amy Hall says:

    Jamie you rox! I don’t know how you do it all! You are a super hero MOM! You have inspired me to make better lunches for my kids! For the last two weeks my kids have been loving them and I have had fun doing them. Which before I dreaded what to do for their lunches and would hope they wanted to take hot so I wouldn’t have to make them. So thanks for giving me that kick in the butt to do better. Please keep them coming and if you could tell where you have found the containers with all the compartments, those are so cool! Thanks!

  5. Caroline says:

    I would also love knowing where you get your adorable and flexible muffin cups. Perfect!

    • Jamie says:

      Caroline- The muffin cups are silicone muffin cups. You can usually find them in cooking stores or you can order them through Amazon in a variety of shapes and colors. I hope that helps!

  6. Such a sweet strategy! I love it and will bookmark this for when I have kiddos in the future :D

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