I’m feeling a great sense of patriotism this morning.  As a former American History teacher I can appreciate the significance of the news that was shared with the world last night and know that children across this country will read about this for many years to come.  It’s a notch in the American History timeline that so many people have been longing for over the past 10 years.  I imagine there are many  teachers out there who tossed today’s prepared lesson plans out the window in order to focus on the historic event.  It’s moments like this that really make me miss my job as a teacher!

I hadn’t planned on a patriotic lunch for this 2nd day of May, but after the announcement last night I knew I wanted to pull something together to show the pride we have for our country.   Today’s lunch is in honor of the U.S. troops and intelligence community who continue to serve and protect this land we call home.  Thank you!

Today’s lunch includes:  p.b. & sugar free honey flatbread sandwich (if nut allergies are a concern you might try sunbutter or sweetened with cream cheese and fruit slices), pear slices/blueberries, brownies, almonds


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5 Responses to Patriotism…

  1. Your creativity always leaves me smiling! And knowing that you came up with is at the drop of a hat makes it that much more impressive! :)

  2. E says:

    Where do you find sugar free honey? What kind do you use?

  3. stefanie says:

    How do you come up with these things on such short notice? You are so amazing! Do you find your kids becoming as creative with their food as you are?

  4. E says:

    One more thing… I have those letter and number cut outs, but everytime I use them, because they are so small, my dough or bread gets stuck inside of them and then when i try to puch them out, they wrip or break… any tips??

  5. summer says:

    I love your bentos! I’ve been packing bento lunches for my kids in the Laptop Lunches bento boxes }(which I love!) but I’m not nearly as creative as you. Please keep sharing your creations for inspiration for the less creative folks out there.

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