Shopping tip and a summer snack pack…

When I started the transition of feeding my family healthier foods one of the biggest struggles for me was getting through fruits and vegetables before they went old.  I had an obnoxious habit of buying A LOT of produce at one time thinking that simply by having more in the house would mean we would eat more.  The reality was that we could rarely get through the overflowing bins of fruits and vegetables before they wilted or rotted.  It’s taken some work but over time I finally feel as though I’ve developed a strategy for buying *just enough* produce to get us through a week.  One thing that’s important to me is to have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on hand at any given time.  When I saw these bags I knew they would be perfect for my trips to the farmer’s market (or grocery store in the winter).  When I’m shopping I try to pick at least one variety of fruit and vegetable that matches the colored tab on the side of the bag.  For example, one week I might buy strawberries and a radishes in the red bag, zucchini and bananas for the yellow bag, kale and grapes for the green bag, etc…  This gives me a great variety to work with throughout the week!

Here are the bags…I keep them stored in my grocery bag so I have them with whenever I go shopping.  They wash up very well!

This week’s produce stash:

And finally…today’s snack pack which includes:  spice cake cupcake, blueberries, celery and peanut butter, plum, sunbutter cookie


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5 Responses to Shopping tip and a summer snack pack…

  1. Karen says:

    I just saw these bags at Whole foods…I have the same problem about over buying produce. I think mainly because I want to cut down trips to the grocery store with the kids in the summer time. I’m trying to learn what the right amount is for my family each week and also to find ways to freeze things (pesto, baked goods, soups, etc) so it doesn’t totally go to waste.

  2. Audie says:

    I just found your blog and cannot tell you how excited I am!! My daughters have been looking at it with me and we’ve picked out some great new recipes and are headed to the store right now! Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas!

  3. 3lilbirds says:

    the cashiers @ our grocery store are now accustomed to our reusable bags but they once caused quite a stir! Ditto on trying to use up everything- we freeze leftover fruit for smoothie making.

  4. Jenna Long says:

    Which container is this and where can i buy it? Does everything fall over? Thank you!

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