Captain America…

A few months ago the boys and I were browsing through a store when my son spotted a collection of Captain America goodies.  My boys poured over all the toys and trinkets but my eyes went immediately to the Captain America lunch box that was tucked back on a shelf.  I decided not to get it at the time and ever since I’ve been thinking of how fun it would be to have in our lunch box collection.  A few weeks ago I was traveling for a work commitment and as I was walking back from getting my morning coffee I spotted the Captain America lunch box in the window of a nearby store.  I darted across the street and bought each of the boys their very own super hero lunch boxes knowing they would be something my boys would love to take to school every once in a while.  Sure enough, the boys were beyond excited about their new boxes and have been chomping at the bit (pardon the pun) to put the boxes to use!

So today’s lunch features a “Captain America” themed lunch to go with his brand new lunch box:  nitrite free ham and cheese sandwich with white american cheese ring/pepperoni center and white american cheese star, celery & peanut butter,  strawberries & blueberries, homemade fruit roll up

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2 Responses to Captain America…

  1. Kim says:

    CUTE! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Oh yeah I may have to give this one a whirl for sure (with credit, naturally). My littlest boys would love it!

  2. FunkySteph says:

    Inspiration again! Thanks for sharing, you are amazing.

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