MAPS Testing…

My oldest son has MAPS testing this week at school.  In preparation for testing week, the teachers always send home a note asking parents to ensure our kids get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast.  Having done as much reading as I have on this topic I understand why teachers think it’s important for kids to eat a solid breakfast before they come to school…especially on a testing day.  Last year I wrote a very long-winded post about food and the effect it has on our bodies and brains. In that post you can read about how protein and fiber help supply essential amino acids that combine to form proteins that are essential for managing the neurotransmitters in the brain along with a list of foods we commonly feed our kids…even more so when they are testing at school.

Today’s “testing” lunch includes:  a cheese stick pencil with a Bugle & raisin tip (I can’t take credit for this genius idea…I found it on-line), nitrite-free turkey, pepperoni & white american cheese sandwich, peanut butter/celery, strawberries/kiwi, sugar-free dark chocolate almonds (Trader Joe’s)

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6 Responses to MAPS Testing…

  1. Cathy D. says:

    Love that cheese stick pencil! “Pinning” this to remember it for my own son’s test days at school! Thanks! :)

  2. Very cute! I also love the math problem on the sandwich :)

  3. April Jacobson says:

    Love your site!!! Where do you find nitrate free pepperoni? I can’t seem to find this anywhere!

  4. Kim says:

    Super cute lunch!

    Last year during the Stanford Testing the school was very big on making sure the kids had a solid breakfast and gave ideas for them. What I ended up doing was making eggs and whole wheat toast. Now, the eggs I use are organic with omega-3s and I sprinkled ground flax seed over the yolks before frying them up. The kids never noticed the addition and they got plenty of extra brain boosting. I add the flax to their morning oatmeal too.

  5. FunkySteph says:

    I love the sandwich! The pencil is great too!

  6. Emily Osment says:

    :P cute :) i was looking for a cool lunch to take to school for the last day of high school. This site just juumped right out at me :D

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