The Not-So-Scary Spider…

My boys have been asking for some Halloween lunches so the other day I sat down and made a list of all things Halloween and let the boys each pick a theme.  One of my kids thought it would be oh, so funny to have Mom make a “spider” themed lunch considering this Mama isn’t at all fond of spiders.  Gotta’ love his sense of humor!  Today’s “not-so-scary-spider” lunch packed in the Go Green Lunch Box includes: peanut butter sandwich with white american cheese and raisins for the eyes and string cheese for the legs, pumpkin mini muffin, snap peas & carrots, grapes, ice water

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2 Responses to The Not-So-Scary Spider…

  1. Tamara Bedard says:

    Hi, I love this container and have heard of the bento box lunch kits but have been looking for one for months without luck. I’m from Calgary, Alberta. Do you have any suggestions. I have found a few that come with a larger container with smaller bits inside but my kids are kindy and gr. 1 and quite often lose peices or cannot open them themselves and need to ask for help which doesn’t really work for the teacher. I would be happy to order online as well but would like to know a good quality supplier.

    Thanks for your feedback in advance, I absolutely LOVE your site. Having the proper container would free up the time for me to be more creative with my lunch presentation!

    Tamara B.

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words! My kids really like the Go Green Lunch Box and The Planet Box Lunch Box. They are both very easy to open and they both do a really nice job of keeping the food separated. I hope that helps!!

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