O Tannenbaum…

Ove the weekend we put up our Christmas tree and the boys have been chomping at the bit to decorate it ever since.  So tonight we’ll have our annual Christmas tree decorating party where the boys we’ll take their sweet time selecting ornaments and placing them oh, so strategically on the tree.  This is something I love doing each and every year and it marks the beginning of the holiday season for us.  Today I made a Christmas tree themed lunch that includes:  turkey sandwich, strawberries/kiwi, cucumbers, almonds

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3 Responses to O Tannenbaum…

  1. Lisa says:

    Super cute! How do you keep these adorable lunches looking this way by the time they open it at lunchtime at school? My kids lunch boxes might as well go thro a roller coaster on the way to lunch time :-)

  2. FunkySteph says:

    I love all your lunches. Thanks for sharing. I try to get inspired with your ideas for my son’s snack, and it was this morning a Xmas themed snack ;-)

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