Packer Game…

My husband and my oldest son are off to Lambeau Field this weekend to watch the Green Bay Packer game and all I can say is…”better them than me”!!!   It is downright COLD up in my neck of the woods and I cannot imagine sitting in the stands for an entire game in the elements.  I much prefer going to the pre-season games when just a sweatshirt is enough to keep you warm.  This time of year requires snow gear, hats, gloves, glove and boot warmers…you name it!  All I know is that my son absolutely LOVES going to Packer games and I’m not sure he even notices how cold it is when he’s out there.  I have no doubt he’ll come home and be able to recall the game in great detail down to who ran what play when…without mention of the weather.  Last night he was trying to count down the hours until he would be sitting in Lambeau Field so I thought it would be fun to make him a “Packer” lunch today.

Today’s lunch includes:  turkey football sandwich, celery and peanut butter (you could use sunbutter if peanut allergies are a concern), kiwi, bag of roasted almonds, turkey and cheese curds on the Packer pick.  You can find the Green Bay Packer lunch bag HERE

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2 Responses to Packer Game…

  1. Michelle Flynn says:

    A friend of mine, also a real food fanatic, passed your website onto me. We are always looking at what other people do for healthy lunches. Anyway… I love your ideas however, I am currently living in Paraguay and we don’t have access to many of the foods in your blog. This country is still very much based on seasonal produce and even then some things, like blueberries, are hard to find and EXPENSIVE. You do such a great job of explaining to your kiddos how lucky they are to have access to all that they need I thought an experiment in eating seasonal might be interesting for all of you too. It certainly has been a challenge for us! And also interesting to learn what grows in what season and to really, really, miss a strawberry and then eat a pound of them the day they show up at the farmers market!

    Thanks for all the fabulous ideas! And we are definitely going to try the giving jar :o)

  2. Dory Carlson says:

    Can you fix my lunch everyday?? I think I would really enjoy my meals! Thanks for the great ideas for when my Grandchildren are eating solid food!

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