Drummer Boy…

In my last post I shared with you about a special gift Santa brought for our oldest son…a MN Wild game along with tickets to a game.  We attended the game a few nights ago and I’m happy to report that the Wild one in an exciting shootout!  So, today I thought I’d share what Santa brought for our youngest little man…a DRUM SET!  Oh, yes you read that right.  A drum set!  We went to visit Santa Clause a week before Christmas and there were several things on our youngest son’s list but up until that point there was not one mention of a drum set.  It wasn’t until we were standing in line to see Santa that our youngest son said what he wanted more than anything was a drum set.  I wish someone could have captured the look on our faces as my husband and I stood there staring at him in shock.  When it was his turn to sit on Santa’s lap he climbed up and as soon as Santa asked what he wanted this year he nervously  replied with “a drum set”.  Santa looked over at us with a look that showed absolutely no sympathy:

Somehow Santa and his elves were able to scrounge up a drum set in that final week before Christmas and I must say that I’m mighty glad they did!  Although it’s been loud around here, our little man absolutely loves playing the drums and I think it’s something he’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Today’s “drum set” lunch includes:  ham/cheese drum sandwich, strawberries/blueberries, cucumbers, chocolate covered almonds & trail mix (Jay Robb protein bar, sugar free chocolate chips & cheerios) packed in the Planet Lunch Box

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8 Responses to Drummer Boy…

  1. Jill says:

    Very cute!! I love all your ideas you come up with!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Where do you get the lunchbox that you use for your kids??

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for all you do. Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative mom! I know you are a fan of Maria’s diet. So why do you still do grains for your kids?

    • Jamie says:

      Amy- Thanks so much! Yes, we still do grains… however, we try never to let the kids consume more than 10% of their daily caloric intake from grains and more often than not they don’t even come close to 10% on a given day. Typically the only time my kids eat grains is at lunch as I have yet to find a replacement for sandwich bread that my kids will eat. I rarely, if ever, serve anything grain or wheat when my kids eat at home. In fact, I think the only thing you’ll find in my house that has grain/wheat in it is sandwich bread and an occasional box of Cheerios that I buy for when we have kids with nut allergies at our house. I should also mention that nobody in my family has a gluten allergy. If your child does have a gluten allergy I would not advocate for serving him/her ANY amount of wheat/gluten. Hope that helps!

      • Amy says:

        Thanks for your response. I know you did a post a while back about steal cut oatmeal. So do you not do oatmeal anymore?

        • Jamie says:

          I’ll do steel cut oats every now and again but we have so many other breakfast options we like more so we don’t do them very often.

  3. Ginette says:

    I love to find inspiration in your lunch ideas! My daughter has been playing the drums since October. She’s 6 and absolutely loves it! I will definitely be making that drum sandwich! Might actually get her to eat a sandwich for lunch! (She prefers bagels or something hot in her Thermos!)

  4. I have not been here in a while. :) Busy-busy! Just want to say, keep up the wonderful work. Really cool stuff on this blog of yours and you sound like a great mom! I love the funny faces and things you come up with to put in the lunch boxes. Very creative! LOL re the drums! Cute!

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