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Nick Schultz

Yesterday after school we had to break the news to our son that his favorite NHL player, Nick Schultz, was traded from the Minnesota Wild to the Edmonton Oilers.  Anyone who knows my son knows just how much the world … Continue reading

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Lettuce wrap

Last week I put a call out on my Facebook page asking readers to list topics they would like to see me cover here on This Lunch Rox.  It seems there is a lot of interest out there regarding “quick-and-easy” lunches … Continue reading

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Money Saving Tips…

Hi all!  I made it home from my travels and am looking forward to settling back into routine here.  There’s so much to do over the weekend to get myself caught up but I’ll be back in action next week … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago we woke up to a heavy frost outside.  The kids were fascinated by how “white” everything looked even though there was very little snow on the ground. We went outside to take a closer look and … Continue reading

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Granola Bars…

This week I am in Las Vegas for a work commitment which means my husband is on lunch making duty while I’m gone.  I made up quite a few things for him to use to pack lunches this week including … Continue reading

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