Quiet as a Mouse…

Tomorrow is a big day for my son’s kindergarten class as the letters Q & U tie the knot in a cute ceremony that bonds the two letters together to make the “kwa” sound.  This is a much anticipated event for the kindergarteners and because I took on the roll as class party planner this year I am busy pulling together fun activities for tomorrow’s celebration.  I have several stations planned where the kids will get to do a variety of “Q & U” activities along with some Valentine’s Day crafts.  The kids will make bookmarks with a poem about the letters Q & U on them, decorate letters, go on a scavenger hunt to look for words that start with Q & U, and make paper mice at the “QUiet as a mouse” station. Over the weekend as I was organizing the supplies I had my kids make up a few of the crafts to make sure they were doable.  Both of the boys really liked the mouse craft so I thought it would be fun to make a heart-shaped mouse lunch in honor of tomorrow’s celebration!

This lunch includes:  peanut butter mouse sandwich with white american cheese accents, celery and peanut butter (if nut allergies are a concern you might try sunbutter), grapes, cottage cheese, almond flour chocolate chip cookie, dark chocolate squares

Here’s the little craft that inspired the lunch.

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  1. Kelly says:

    We were asked to send in treats for “Q” day…….we sent in “Quaker” Granola Bars and I got 100% juice and made labels “Q Juice” for a snack. It’s a hard one to come up with! I like your “kwa” ideas…. the quiet as a mouse station is very creative!

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