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Something my kids were really missing after making the transition to a healthier lifestyle was cereal.  I’ve tried with all my might to find an alternative, but I’ve discovered that looking for a cereal not packed with sugar, genetically modified … Continue reading

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably remember just how much my youngest son loves dogs.  When he was 7 months old our neighbors had a puppy and whenever we were outside our little man would … Continue reading

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You may remember from my last post about children’s literacy that I’m working really hard to give ownership to my son over the types of books he reads.  We’ve found that by taking him to the library or book store and … Continue reading

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Today I’m taking a little break from talking about nutrition and instead focusing on another topic I’m passionate about…children’s literacy.  Prior to having children I was a high school history teacher and during the summer months I worked as a … Continue reading

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Today’s the last day of school as we head into the holiday weekend so I thought an Easter themed lunch would be appropriate.  If you read my last blog entry I’m sure it will come as no surprise that one … Continue reading

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