Today’s the last day of school as we head into the holiday weekend so I thought an Easter themed lunch would be appropriate.  If you read my last blog entry I’m sure it will come as no surprise that one of the holiday traditions we try to avoid is overloading Easter baskets with candy.  It’s not to say the kids won’t have a little bit of candy to enjoy, but I decided to fill a majority of their baskets with non-candy items.  I found a few things I think the kids will get excited about so I thought I’d share them with you in case any of you are looking for ideas:

A. Pocket Kite

B.  Scratch -N- Sniff Stickers

C.  Smencils

D. Fingerprint Art Set

E.  Mad Libs


Today’s lunch includes: a bunny digging for carrots (that’s right…you’re looking at the back-end of a bunny) turkey sandwich, carrots/hummus, grapes, chia seed cookie, string cheese all packed in a Planet Lunch Box

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4 Responses to Easter

  1. Maria Emmerich says:

    AWESOME post!!!

    I love these ideas! We celebrate with candy WAY too much!

  2. chelsey says:

    Love the ideas~especially the finger printing art set. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rosalia says:

    I love the lunchbox..Where could I get one like that? Would be wonderful to use for my son’s lunch and keep everything in place :) Thank you

  4. Janet says:

    Where did you get the lunch tray. I have looked everywhere for these!! Love ‘em!

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