On Wisconsin

Well…today’s a big day for the boys as we are headed to Madison, Wisconsin to watch the Badgers take on the Minnesota Gophers in what should be an exciting hockey game!  This was the boys’ big Christmas gift from their grandparents and they’ve been counting down the days ever since.  They woke up bright and early today and came down the stairs ready to go in their jerseys.  Something tells me this will be a loud and energetic car ride to Madison!  Today’s Badger-themed lunch includes:  peanut butter sandwich, snap peas, Ellsworth cheese curds, strawberries, hard boiled egg,  almond flour blueberry muffin, & a letter cookie from Trader Joe’s.

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2 Responses to On Wisconsin

  1. S. Barnett says:

    Where did you get the Wisconsin cookie cutter? Ahh freaking out through the computer!! It is perfect!

  2. Angel Pope says:

    Do you use honey in your muffins?

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