Travel Map

It’s that time of year where we, as a family, start dreaming of our summer travel plans.  Traveling together is something we look forward to all year long and now that the boys are getting older it’s fun to include them in the planning process.  Over the past few days we’ve been scouring books and web-sites looking for ideas and as of right now our list of “must see” places is 5 miles long.  We haven’t decided on anything specific just yet, but I sure am enjoying the brainstorming phase.  I’m excited to see where we end up going this year and the boys are beyond excited to add some more pins to our family travel map!

Today’s “map lunch” includes:  peanut butter sandwich, strawberries/blueberries/, cheese curds, celery/peanut butter, and oatmeal-free “oatmeal” cookies.

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