Weekend Prep

One question I’m asked often is how I find time to make lunches with my work schedule.  Let me start by saying that my kids don’t get a fancy lunch every day.  In fact, more often than not their lunches are quick and easy taking less than 5 minutes to throw together.   The secret for me is prepping over the weekend.  Since transitioning to a healthier lifestyle nearly three years ago this is something that has become essential for my family.  Each weekend I stock up on fresh fruits and veggies and rather than just throwing them in our refrigerator drawers I take some time and cut it all up and store them in air tight containers.  This saves me a lot of time when I need to throw together lunches and/or quick after school snacks.

In addition to cutting up fruits and veggies I typically make three baked goods over the weekend.  The baked goods usually include one batch of cookies, a batch of muffins, and a sweet bread/bar.  (Over the years I’ve learned to make mini muffins and smaller sized cookies so they fit in the lunch boxes.)  If I know we have a busy week with evening activities I typically make double batches of everything so we can use them as sides for dinner.

Here’s a quick peek at our fridge after this weekend’s prep.  Along with the fruits, veggies, and baked goods you’ll also notice some other staples I like to keep stocked in our fridge…hard boiled eggs, string cheese, and unsweetened almond milk for smoothies.

Today’s quick-and-easy lunch is made up entirely of things I made up over the weekend.  Almond flour waffles toasted to use as “bread” for a peanut butter sandwich, yellow peppers, hard boiled egg, pumpkin mini muffins, strawberries/cantaloupe, cheese curds all packed in a Planet Lunch Box



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16 Responses to Weekend Prep

  1. Lauren says:

    Love the post. Just thinking about all you wrote this morning. I have do many fruits and veggies, and unprepared. Would love to see a picture of your fridge, but can’t find the link. Thanks for your creativity and having fun with one of our jobs as mom.

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks so much, Lauren! The photo of the fridge is included in the post so it should show up. If not, let me know which browser you’re using and I can look into it. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Heather says:

    This post is wonderful! It is true that everything worthwhile takes work, but if you have a good plan in force, it’s not as difficult to execute. We have such good food resources in America, yet we tend to eat processed foods for the time savings. Little by little, we are really degrading our health in exchange for said time savings.

    Perhaps you can make baby step posts we can all work on together for those of us who are struggling to come up with a good plan? Then it might not seem so insurmountable….

    Thanks for the reminder to stay focused, Jamie! Keep the posts coming.

  3. Shawna says:

    I do the same thing over the weekend but I wish my fridge was as clean as yours! LOL

    My 5 year old loves hard boiled eggs but I’m hesitant to put them in his lunch since he has a hard time peeling them on his own. Any suggestions?

    Loving your blog! It’s truly inspiring!!

  4. channon says:

    Great post. Looks so clean, tidy and organized. I can see how throwing together lunch or a snack would be a breeze! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for the ideas! Love this post.

  6. Jenn says:

    Do you wash everything before storing in air tight containers? Great idea to prep by the way!

  7. Sri says:

    Do you also wash the fruit before putting these containers? Or wash as you use?

    Thanks for sharing wonderful things with us.

  8. annoymous says:

    Would you be willing to share what is on the second and third shelves? I can tell whats on most of the first shelf except under the broccoli. and whats on the blue container? Thank you very much!

    • Jamie says:

      Sure thing! I tried to get as much of the fridge in as I could, but I needed a wider lens. Under the broccoli I have sliced mushrooms and the blue tray on the 2nd shelf is Smart Chicken breasts that were thawing for dinner. There is only one more shelf under the condiment drawer and that’s where I keep larger items. Right now I have a roast on the shelf and two large containers of chopped cauliflower along with a big bowl of chopped salad.

      • annoymous says:

        It looks like muffins of some sort by the beef stock? Also, what is next to the stock? How doesn’t the chicken leak all over?

        • Jamie says:

          The muffins are spice cake muffins, grated parmesan cheese next to the beef stock, and typically chicken breasts don’t leak otherwise I’d put a plate under it.

  9. Nicole says:

    Love the organization of your clean eats! Where did you find your tupperware?

  10. Liz says:

    I am desperately trying to get some organization in my life and this post was so helpful! I think it’s brilliant to invest time right when you buy fresh produce to chop it up and store it neatly. I think it will cut way down on produce that goes bad because it’s such a hassle to cut it up when I’m in a hurry. I think today I will clean out the fridge and start fresh. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  11. Renae says:

    The lunchbox doesn’t seem to be available on Amazon any longer! Do you know where one might purchase a similar one? Many thanks!

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