About Jamie


Ever since high school I have been relatively health conscious. I tried to live a healthy lifestyle and not overindulge in foods I knew weren't good for me. Five years ago when I started my photography business I fell victim to "convenience" and slowly but surely allowed not-so-healthy alternatives to creep into my home. Over time I started to see and feel the effects my food choices were having not only on me, but also my children. Like so many people, when January 1st rolled around I decided it was time for change. I took a trip to the local book store and stocked up on a half a dozen nutrition books determined to find a solution. I spent an entire weekend reading, reading and reading some more. By the end of the week I was beyond determined to make some drastic changes but felt completely overwhelmed and a bit confused with the conflicting information I had read in the various books.

Fast forward to the next week when I mentioned my frustration to a friend at the gym. She recommended the book, "Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism", by local author Maria Emmerich. I bought the book and devoured it (no pun intended) in one night. The way she explained nutrition and how food works in our body made PERFECT sense to me. Over the next few days I started cleaning out my pantry and making the changes I knew needed to happen. It's been a lot of baby steps since then, but words simply cannot describe the difference these changes have made on my life. My days used to be filled with constant cravings (especially for sugar), I had a hard time focusing/remembering details, and most of all I was tired 99% of the time. Replacing my old "convenience" foods (i.e. light yogurt, wheat thins, low fat cottage cheese, low-calorie microwaveable lunches) with "real" food (i.e. fresh fruits and veggies, grains, full fat foods) has completely transformed my stamina and overall well-being. So much so that I was able to run with my son in his very first race...something he's been looking forward to for quite some time.

Over time I developed a passion for healthy cooking. Preparing wholesome food for me and my family brings me more joy than I ever dreamed possible and the lunch boxes are an extension of that.

Long story short...I am mama to two beautiful boys who inspire me to create lunches that make healthy eating fun!