Moose munch...

Nov. 4, 2011

Today's "Moose Munch" lunch was inspired by the Moose and Hildy book series which my youngest son absolutely loves! Every night before bed he likes someone to read at least one chapter to him. Last night he asked his big brother to read to him and I had to smile as I listed to the boys giggle as they read about Moose's antics. This is such a cute series...the stories are funny and the illustrations are adorable! If you're looking for books for kids in grades K-1 I would highly recommend this series.

The Moose lunch includes: ham/cheese moose sandwich, grapes, pea pods, Trader Joe's turkey jerky, string cheese

My oldest son unknowingly earned a "scholar dollar" last night as he read to his little brother. He'll find it tucked in his lunch box at school today and I know he'll be oh, so excited to find he's earned a little extra computer time over the weekend. The "award themed" lunch includes: turkey/cheese sandwiches, plum, cucumbers, no bake chocolate bites, hard boiled egg:

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