Tiger Can't Sleep

Jan. 20, 2012

If you've been following this blog for a while you've probably noticed that I'm a bit of a book lover. I love to read, my husband loves to read and thankfully we have two boys who love to read. Our youngest son was so excited to start Kindergarten this year partly because he could go to the school library and bring home books just like his big brother. The funny thing is that our little man often brings books back from the library that we already have here at home. They are all books that he loves to read though so we don't complain and we let him keep bringing home whatever his little heart desires.

One book he just can't get enough of is a book my parents found at a little book store on a recent trip to Colorado called "Tiger Can't Sleep". It's about a tiger who lives in a little boys closet and keeps the little boy awake at night by making all kinds of noise. The story is cute, fun to read and the illustrations are adorable...it's a great book for emerging readers!

I've wanted to make this lunch for a while now but as you can see from looking at this particular lunch it would be a tricky one to transport so I had to wait for a day like today where I'm joining my son for lunch at school so I can get it to him in one piece. Today's tiger lunch includes: nitrate free turkey sandwich with white american cheese, Trader Joe's turkey jerky, and carrot accents, carrots, plum slices, string cheese, dill pickle all packed in a Planet Lunch Box

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