Apr. 28, 2011

Pokemon...a friend recently gave my son a Pokemon card at school and ever since then we've been hearing and seeing a lot of these little critters. Neither one of my boys has seen the cartoon, but they seem to have picked up on all they need to know via the trading cards. Each of the boys had just a few cards until Easter Sunday when Mr. E.B. (a.k.a. Easter Bunny) left a few packs of brand new cards in their baskets. I knew they would be excited about their baskets, but I had no idea they would get as excited as they did over those little packs of cards! They were ecstatic and we had to put the Easter egg hunt on hold while they opened and sorted through their new cards. They spent most of the morning comparing cards, trading cards and battling their critters against each other. They eventually went back and finished the hunt for eggs but as soon as it was over they went right back to their cards.

I found thesecookie cutters on-line and thought they would be perfect for my little Pokemon loving boys! Today's Pichu lunch includes: peanut butter and sugar free honey (use sunbutter if peanut allergies are a concern), strawberries/blueberries, cauliflower, cajun cheese curds, granola bites (I substitute natural p.b. for the almond butter, but you could use sunbutter if nut allergies are an issue. I also use sugar free honey in place of rice syrup.)

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