Hungry Hippo...

Feb. 10, 2012

It's Friday which means it's Family Game Night at our house. Over the years we've gone through a lot of "game" phases including countless games of Chutes and Ladders, UNO, Skip-Bo, Scrabble, Stratego...the list goes on and on. After a while the boys get bored with a game if we play it too many times but there is one game in our closet they like to pull out time and time again...Hungry, Hungry Hippos! Oh, how they love this one! It's a chaotic and loud game but I have to admit it is a great stress reliever especially on a Friday night after a long work week.

I'm sure we'll kick off tonight's game night with a round of Hungry, Hungry Hippos so I thought it would be fun to send a hippo themed lunch to school with my little man today. Keeping with my "heart theme" I created a hippo sandwich (I used an upside down heart for the body, an oval for the head, and I cut the top part of a piece of heart shaped cheese to make the nose), cucumbers, strawberries/grapes, almond flour chocolate chip cookies (I love these because they are loaded with protein and healthy fats) all packed in an Easy Lunch Box

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