Last Day of School

Jun. 9, 2012

Yesterday was the last day of school for my boys which means we are now officially parents of a 1st grader and 4th grader. The kids are loving their new grade titles, but they are also thrilled that summer has FINALLY arrived. Our goal this summer is to keep things fairly low-key with minimal planned activities. Aside from a few sports camps and a potential weekend trip here and there, we kept the calendar free so we could slow down and not feel the pressure of running from one thing to the next. We are looking forward to spending a lot of time at our cabin up north pontooning, swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking, reading...all things "cabin".

So with that in mind I made a "summer-themed" lunch for the boys yesterday. The lunch includes: peanut butter sandwich (you might consider using Sunbutter if peanut allergies are a concern), grapes, celery and peanut butter, string cheese, almond flour spice cupcake with cream cheese frostingall packed in a Planet Box Lunch Box

Some of you may be wondering if this is enough "sandwich" for a soon-to-be-fourth grader. I would say it's more than enough "wheat" for my kids considering the almond flour cupcake has more protein than most kids eat in a day. That's why I do so much baking with almond's filled with calories, healthy fat, and protein so I can slowly wean my kids from consuming nutrient empty sandwich bread.

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