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Nov. 6, 2012

If you've been reading my blog for a while you probably remember that before having kids I worked as a high school American History teacher. Combine that with the fact that both my husband and I are fairly passionate about politics and it should come as no surprise that there's been a lot of "election talk" in our home for the past few months. Having said that, my husband and I have made a deliberate choice to spend a majority of our time talking with the kids about the election PROCESS. It's very important to us that our kids have a solid understanding about how our government functions, how leaders are elected, and how laws are made in our country. We do our best to provide our kids with facts about how our government was established and how democracy works. We've had a number of books available to the kids over the years and we continue to refer to them often...especially around election time!

Today was a big day for our boys as they accompanied us to the voting booth which they've been anticipating this for months!! Our hope is that our kids will grow up knowing their duties and responsibilities as American citizens. We want them to know what an honor it is to have the right to vote and we hope they'll continue to admire those men and women who protect that freedom.

Happy Election Day! The following lunch is packed in the Planet Lunch Box!

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