Hockey Season...

Apr. 18, 2011

This weekend was a hockey-packed weekend for us which inspired today's lunch. My son played in two hockey games with his Minnesota Showcase team and the NHL hockey play-offs were on tv (a very big deal around here)! We are so fortunate to have my son's best friend live directly behind us so our two boys spend a great deal of time together. They usually take turns watching the big hockey games at each other's houses and yesterday they were camped out in our living room watching the Rangers and Capitals face off. As I watched them analyze the game, cheer for the good shots, and fist pump through the fights it made me realize that they will likely do this for many years to come. I imagine the scene 10 years from now will be very similar...I'll just have to do a lot more cooking and we might need bigger furniture. Ha!

Because the weekend was jam packed with hockey, I thought it was fitting to create a hockey themed lunch for today: turkey, cheese & lettuce bagel, cherry tomatoes, kiwi, homemade granola bar

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