Breakfast for lunch...

May. 10, 2011

Every Sunday I bake or prepare at least two goods to store in the freezer so I always have something on hand when I'm too busy to cook.Some staple foods I always try to keep stocked include; waffles (I either make the batter from scratch or buy Trader Joe's baking mix and add ground up flax seeds to the mix), pancakes, french toast, cookies, muffins, protein bites, get the idea. On a busy morning like today I love being able to grab a few things from the freezer and throw together a lunch in a jiffy and it still is every bit as healthy. My son LOVES breakfast so having breakfast for lunch is a real treat!

Today's "breakfast" lunch includes: p.b. and sugar-free honey waffle sandwiches (Trader Joe's mix with ground up flax seeds), cantaloupe, cucumbers, dark chocolate squares, string cheese, peanut butter cookie

*If peanut allergies are a concern you could replace p.b. on the waffles with sunbutter or sweetened cream cheese and fruit slices. Here is a great sunbutter cookie recipe my boys and I love!

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