Bus Day...

Sep. 6, 2011

Well, today was the BIG day for my baby boy. He's been anticipating the first day of school for quite some time as year after year he would watch his brother get on the bus and drive away without him. Throughout the summer he's been keeping track of how many sleeps until he got to ride to school on the bus. Needless to say, when he woke up this morning he was beyond excited that the day had FINALLY come. He watched out the window waiting oh, so patiently for the big yellow bus to drive up our street. When it did, he hopped on the bus with one of the the biggest smiles I've ever seen on his face. I made it to the school just in time to see him walk off the bus still grinning ear to ear. This will surely be one of the highlights of his first day of Kindergarten.

A bus themed lunch in honor of this very special day...ham/cheese lavash bread sandwich with pepperoni wheels and white American cheese accents, carrots/ranch, grapes, sugar-free choclate "chalkboard" with white American cheese letters, homemade fruit roll up(you can click on the underlined word to get the recipe):

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