Science Experiment

May. 1, 2012

Today's lunch was inspired by the science experiment my son recently completed for a school project. He decided to investigate which liquid(s) would make a nail rust the fastest. To complete the experiment he gathered five clear plastic cups, placed a nail in each cup, and filled each one with a different liquid (vegetable oil, vinegar, orange juice, 7-up, and salt water). After letting the nails soak in the liquids for several hours he began to notice that only one of the nails was rusting. We left the cups sitting on the counter overnight and in the morning there was still only one nail that had any signs of rust on it. Can you guess which liquid it was? Here's a hint:

That's right...the nail soaked in water (H2O) and table salt (NaCI) rusted the fasted. Included in today's lunch: Turkey/cheese sandwich, cheese letter accents (I didn't have a lower case "a" to create the NaCI so I had to make do with what I had...hopefully any science teachers reading this will understand) grapes, almond flour pumpkin mini muffin, celery/peanut butter, dark chocolate squares all packed in an Easy Lunch Box. The beaker cookie cutter can be found HERE





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