The Secret Library

Sep. 27, 2012

One day this summer the boys came home from a bike ride and both of them had a book in their hands. I asked where the books came from and they told me they found a "Secret Library" down the street. We've lived here for 10 years and I'd never seen or heard about a Secret Library. I thought maybe the boys found a box of free books on the side of the road, or there was someone passing out free books?! So I asked the boys to show me where it was. We took a short bike ride through the neighborhood and wouldn't you know...there was, in fact, a Library on the side of the road! I'm not so sure it's meant to be a "Secret" per say, but to two young boys who stumble across it while out on a bike ride that's exactly what it was to them. All summer long they took several trips down to the little library and delighted in selecting books from the stash and returning them all using the good faith system. This fall has been unusually warm so they continue to visit the Secret Library and have asked that we contribute some kid's books as they've made their way through most of what's available. Ha!

Of course, I was intrigued by their find so I came home and did a little research to see what this little library was all about . I discovered that the library was built as part of the Little Free Libraryprogram which was started as a way topromote literacy and the love of readingby building free book exchanges worldwide and
to build a sense of community. As part of the program you can order a variety of "libraries" built by local artisans using repurposed materials. You can choose a fully finished model or you can choose an unfinished model that you can finish yourself. It got me thinking about how fun this would be for us to do at some point in our lives. With as much as I love to read and with the collection of books we have here in our home, I think this would be a great project!

Today's "Secret Library" lunch includes: nitrite free turkey sandwich with white American cheese accents, strawberries/blueberries, cucumbers, almond flour brownie

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