Apr. 21, 2011

Golf is to my youngest son what hockey is to my oldest boy. My little five year old absolutely LOVES the game of golf. He has been out golfing almost everyday since the courses opened a few weeks ago with the exception of a few snow days here and there. My husband kept telling me I needed to go out and watch our little golfer in action, so the other day I bundled up and decided to hit the course with them. Watching my little guy set up his tee, take a few practice swings, and then play through the hole carefully selecting the appropriate clubs was quite an eye-opener. There's no denying the passion he has for the game that's for sure! I loved watching him play, but I especially loved seeing how much of a kick the older/retired guys get out of watching my son tackle their course.

Today's golf themed lunch includes: ham/white American cheese sandwich, small piece of string cheese rolled into a tiny golf ball, almond flour cupcake with green shredded coconut and and almond bark golf ball (poured almond bark into a golf ball chocolate mold), grapes, peas, carrots, string cheese and spelt pretzels.

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